Welcome to wonderful escort in Pune service by Independent college girl Avni.

Welcome to Pune escorts services by Independent college girl Avni Mehta. Let me introduce myself, I am a cute college girl in Pune doing my MBA in Pune Symbiosis college in Viman Nagar. When I was in my 2n semester I heard about call girls in Pune. And many of my friends also working as part time escorts in Pune. We have few married women in our friends and they also providing Escort services in Pune. When I was in financial troubles my friends suggested me to join with them. I was little nervous and fear. And there is no other way.

My complete aim is to be a model. Because of my beauty and sex appeal every one look me as a model on screen. But the time will not remains the same. That is the peak stage that I was facing financially. No one is ready to help me. At that time with the help of one of my escort friend in Pune.


Being an Independent escorts in Pune is not so easy.

I have decided to be a Independent escort in Pune. But it is not so easy as you see. Being an escort or companion girl is life threatening job. Every man wants to occupy our body. Without our interest they want to enjoy on the bed with us. Few men can understand our pain, few can not. End of the day every one wants a happy ending day. They offer more money to be with them. Even though they know selling or buying sex is offense, they force for that.

Many times we escape from sexually assaulting. Few times we accept for sex with our own interest. When we really impressed by the client we offer sex solely. From the day one I started my escort service in Pune, there is no single day ended without sex. That was so sad to think but. There were no alternatives for my problems. I started posting ads in classified sites and getting few clients now I m operating my own website.

Why everyone look at Our Independent escorts in Pune.?

Blow job and hand job service offered by experts in Pune

Blowjob and hand job are available everywhere in Pune. Every cheap rate prostitute can give a blowjob and hand job in Pune. Few high profile escorts also can give blowjob and hand job. We know that the transgender also can give a blowjob to you. But giving the pleasure blow job & hand job is something difficult. It needs technique to let you cum out.

 Our blow job and hand job escorts in Pune Escort agency are specially trained for sensual massage. They learned several techniques. They know how to get pleasure with few touches.

Hygiene is important for Blowjob and hand job service providers.

They can make you come out for several time in one blowjob. They can let you cum in Mouth also. Hygiene and protection are needed for blowjob and hand job escorts. Our experts in blowjob always use protection while giving blowjob and they wash their mouth after blowjob.

Cum in Mouth and cum one body services are also provided by our expert escorts in Pune. this is one of reasons why every one like our Independent escorts in Pune.

Busty Women escorts in Pune.

Large boobs busty woman escorts in Pune.

when ever you search for escorts in India, many results appear which are only specified for slim and thin escort services only. it is fair enough for slim and petite lovers 💏 what about busty women 🚺 lovers. A woman having large breast is known as Busty. We all know reason why but all the men get excited after seeing busty woman. big boobs always give more energy for men. Busty women enhances the power of man.

 we are providing number of busty women escorts in Pune. we have Busty college girl escorts, busty housewife escorts, Busty Milf escorts in Pune. They all are from all states of India.

All states Busty woman and Busty aunties are available in Pune.

 Big boob women in Pune if you want to play with a busty girl in Pune. we are providing the top most busty escorts in Pune. and our Busty girl escorts in Pune can allow all a level of sex services. South Indian busty escorts included anal sex.

 Our Mallu busty aunty exports in blowjob and hand job. And Our busty girl escorts are available for in call and out call services in Pune. On occasionally we can arrange Russian busty Milf escorts in Pune. this is also one of important reasons why many men love Our escort service in pune.

Actress escorts in Pune.

Actress escorts in Pune are yesterdays big screen actresses.

 Everyone looks at big screen with a passion. And everyone wants to appear once in their lifetime on the big screen. But everyone will not get the chance to appear on big screen. That’s why we are little bit jealous on the actress or actors who they got chance.

 Just imagine that actress is ready to spend her time with you in your own room. It will be really surprising for you. We are making it true. We have number of actress escorts in Pune. They worked for Bollywood movies. And they are now providing escort services in Pune.

Actress escorts in Pune are giving GFE in Pune.

Hot Bollywood actress escorts are available for both in call and out call services. For in call they are waiting at all star hotels in Pune. Even they are ready for going for outdoors like Khandala Lonavala. They can provide all escort services in Pune.

 If you are wanted to hot actress escorts be play your girlfriend role. They can play well. They can give you real girlfriend experience to you in Pune. And our actress escorts in Pune are ready to attend and entertain college functions.

Lesbian escorts for Women in Pune.

As an Independent Woman I know the feelings of a woman. we respect women and and her feelings.

Lesbian escorts for women in Pune can give orgasm with tongue.

Everyone thinks that men only can give the pleasure to women. But the fact is that women only can give the real pressure for woman. Because a lesbian escort know the weak points of a woman and sensible parts of a woman. Without pain and without any disgusting moments she can give a real pleasure to women.

 Because of this reason we are providing lesbian escorts in Pune. Our lesbian escorts in Pune are well trained for sensual massage. Yes we are having only lesbian escort girls.  They can provide sensual massages in Pune.

Lesbian escorts for women in Pune can give best body shape massage.

 Every woman wants sexy body and curvy structure. Unfortunately because of their nature of body, they cannot get sexiest structure. But our lesbian escorts in Pune can give a sexiest structure to you with their massage. They use herbal methods and natural techniques to get a sexiest look.

Our independent lesbian escorts in Pune are available in outcall and in call services. They can reach all the star hotels in Pune. As well as all residential places in Pune. If you are looking for in call service, our lesbian girls in Pune having private guest house. There you can get lesbian escort girl for woman service in Pune.

Strip tease girls in Pune.

Pune strip tease escorts are the best in assets.

Everyone knows that every woman having the same assets. And breast and thighs are the sexiest parts in women’s body. But men want watch them separately. We know that men love the girls who they show step by step. Because of this reason only many dancing girls surviving in dance bars in Pune.

 But they are in accessible for the normal people only. We know Pune is the home for many diplomatic people. They cannot go to dance bars like any other. We are providing Striptease girl escorts in Pune for the diplomatic people in Pune.

Strip tease girls in Pune are ready for all sensual services.

 We have number of independent college girl strip teasers in Pune. And they are ready to provide all Striptease services in Pune. Our strip tease girls are even ready for all sensual services like massage.  They are good in blowjob hand job services. They can go all a-level services on request of clients.

Pole dance is the one of the best item in Striptease services. It is provided by our Pune independent escorts. Our striptease girls are specially trained by Thai girls. Few of our strip tease girls can show Japanese gymnastic techniques in dance.

Frequently Asked QuestionsBy Our Clients.

Can I get Assamese girl escorts in Pune?

Yes you can get number of Assamese girl escorts in Pune. Many of them are college girls from various colleges in Pune. Many of Assamese girl escorts in Pune will stay in hostels in Pune and provide escort services in Pune. They are providing sex services for pocket money only.

And we are also a senior most escort agency in Pune. And we are having many Assamese girl escorts with us. The difference between us and remaining Assamese call girls providers is, Our Assamese girl escorts are Independent college girls. They never have been a part of escort agencies. They provide escort services Independently in Pune.

Why I have to choose Assamese girl escorts in Pune?

Many of our clients will say that our Assamese girl escorts in Pune are petite and beautiful. They look very cute with their innocent faces. But they are elite in a-level services. You can feel comfort with our petite Assamese escorts in Pune.

Safe and secure friendly meeting will be there with our Assamese girl escorts in Pune. They will come alone by their own vehicle. No one can doubt on her. She will dress normal, and you can introduce her as your girl friend. this is why you have to choose Assamese girl escorts in Pune.

How can I get private college girl escorts number for book?

This very easy to find college girl escorts private number for booking or chatting. There are many college girl who they are providing escorts services with us in Mumbai. And we have contacts on outside of Mumbai also. These college girls are providing personal services.

And we have collection of private college girl escort numbers for chatting on whatsapp. We know that many men will have the interest to interact with many girls. But it is not possible to visit every place. Hence we are providing college girl escorts private numbers for whatsapp chatting or video call services.

Do college girl escorts give their private number to talk?

Many college girl escorts they never provide their private number. But few girls are there who they can give private Number if they trust you. After one or two meetings with our college girl escort she can give her private number for direct booking and meeting.

For getting college girl escorts private number you need to be honest. Honesty makes things easier. They are genuine escort service providers, and they will expect honest from your side. If they trust you, Our college girl escorts can give Private number to talk.

Can I Get Real Marathi call girl Or Marathi Bhabhi or Marathi housewife in Pune?

No need to stand in Budhwar Peth to find Marathi call girls in Pune.

Finding the Marathi call girls in Pune is easy now. No need to search here and there like before. Now street call girls also available in online. Dealings are done in phone only there are many Marathi call girls in Pune are following the new trend.

Once upon a time in Pune to find the Marathi call girls. You have to stand before railway station or Budhwar Peth. You need go and talk her directly. Every time there will be a fear of getting caught. Finding Marathi call girls and taking her to your room is a huge task for men. But now they are available in online.

We are providing cheap rate Marathi call girls in Pune.

 You can search call girl contact numbers of Pune in Google you can find the number of call girls numbers. Contact any one of them and deal with her in a smoother manner. We ensure that you will get one of the best Marathi call girls in Pune.

We are also Marathi call girls providers in Pune. And we have Marathi bhabhi. Marathi college girls. We have Marathi house wife. Marathi aunty call girls in Pune. And our Marathi call girls in Pune are available in lowest price only. and we have in call and out call Marathi call girls in Pune.

How Independent escorts in Pune formed as an escort agency.

As I introduce myself we are purely independent individual escorts in Pune none of our escorts tends to any call girl agency or escort agency. All girls present in my webpage are purely my college friends and my I professional escort friends in Pune. All of them are individual and we ensure that this is not an escort agency which is operated by any agent and there is no need to waste your money in the form of brokerage or you no need to spend your money on agent.

By contacting us you can deal with the girl and you can directly see the girl and you can directly pay to the escort one who you selected. There is no mediator and no agent.

You know that he will find more friends while you are in college and we can find best friends in your professional life also. We are the same category of girls who are providing pure independent escorts services in Pune. We came together and we connected Each Other full plant to work together as a group of call girls in Pune.

How we are offering Independent escorts service in cheap rate?

You know that there are many call girl groups in Pune and escort agencies in Pune. They are competitors for us. basic difference from other escort Agencies is we aur not agents who Hire girls and send them to clients. These categorie of agents charge more and give less money. And we are the call girls who decided to provide the high class escort service for what we get from agent if we work for agent. We excepted commission of agent. And we charging the low price for our high profile escorts in Pune.

One more secret behind our low rate escort services in Pune is. We are Independent escorts and there is no limits and borders for us. Generally escort agencies in Pune have limited permissions. Many escort agencies divide the places. One should not enter in to other escort agency covered locations. This is the reason behind all agents request the clients to come particular place.

We will come to your place. For that no need to pay extra.

We never ask to come to our place. If you are ok to come to our place. We have safe and secure flat to meet. And we can reach any star hotels in Pune. And as Independent girl we can reach every end in Pune. All of our girls well known about Pune because all of our call girls are from Pune and surrounding villages only. And many house wife escorts in in our group are local Marathi housewives. Hence we can reach every place easily. If any girl has doubt one of our local escort accompany her.

In the case of you go for an escort agency they always invite to their place and they charge for the place also. If you ask them for out call. They charge double because if the girl is available at their place she can attend one more client in the period of journey time. So they include the charge for the time of travel also. If the girl is new to Pune one of agents need to drop her in taxi or their car. So they charge more for that.

If you choose our escorts in Pune no need all these wastage of money. We will never change extra.

How to get an escort service in Pune.

It is very easy to get an escort in Pune. Simply call my number, I will attend the call if you are ok with me I will come to your place if you want other or another girl I will send the profile on WhatsApp. I ensure that one of our escorts in pune will be your dream girl. And one of our

Whom you find in my web page. You can find celebrity escorts and working woman escort.

You will really wonder that after watching girls profiles on my page. You can find here college girls housewives working woman escort in Pune as well as pure independent call girls in Pune. Because of my nature, I can mingle with anyone easily. This is the main asset of my life it brought me many friends in this escort profession. I have many friends in Pune who are providing independent call girls services in Pune. There is no wonder that if you find any model are celebrity escort profile on my page. Because I have many friends in Bollywood as well as many regional film industries like Tollywood Kollywood you can find independent escorts from all the states of India. Mostly we are the group of most beautiful girls in India and providing pure independent escort service in Pune. Many Gentlemen in Pune show interest in us because we are charming girls from all the states.

Call girl Rates in Pune

Pune call girl rates and Donation details are as follows. Everyone thought that call girl rates in Pune are very high Pune escorts service is very expensive. But it is not a fact. Pune call girl rates are very low as you spent on a movie 🎦. Many college girls and housewife escorts in Pune are operating independently. And providing call girl services individually. They all are available at cheap rate in Pune

Can I get cheap rate call girls in Pune

Yes, of course, you can get a cheap rate call girls in Pune. There are many local Indian and Marathi college girls. Who they are studying in Pune for providing their call girl services at a very low price range. Because they need money only for their pocket money. And they are providing part-time escort services in Pune. Hence they can provide their college girl escort services at the lowest price range in Pune

Can I get high profile celebrity escorts at low price range

Yes, you can get high profile celebrity escorts. High profile modeling girl escorts. Hi-profile housewife escorts at the lowest price range. Because all of our call girls in Pune and high profile Escorts in Pune are operating individually. There is no hidden charges. No brokerage charges are included. There is no extra charges for accommodation. And they are available at a very lowest price range in Pune

Few of our housewife escorts in Pune are providing their escort services for fun only. Many of them are not money minded. They are Crave for joy only. Our escorts in Pune are looking for real fun with a real man. And they are not showing much interest in the price

Can I get foreigner escorts in Pune in cheap rate.

Of course Yes because we always hire Russian girls for our clients. And they are available within a low rate only. If you are looking for foreign escorts at a cheap rate, this is the correct place for you. And Our Russian girls are ready for all A-level services as you expected. We know that many people want foreigner girls because foreigner girls can accept anal sex also


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